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Open to children from school years 1-8.

Make your piece of art, celebrating and thanking all our essential service workers.

The winner from each year group receives ice cream, generously sponsored by local ice cream company, Rush Munro’s who are available for online sales next week.

Winners get an online delivery box containing 6 x 650ml tubs of Rush Munro Ice Cream. They choose from 14 flavours.

Entries will be put into physical photo books, and gifted to essential service workers.

Get your entries in by Tuesday April 21st.

To enter, take a photo of your art work, and send it to me via email or Facebook Messenger with all your contact details.

If you’re short on inspiration, we ask you to think of all the amazing people who are working to keep our society connected and functioning.

That’s our Dr’s, our nurses, our paramedics, our carers, our lab workers, our Police, our farmers and farm workers, our orchardists and orchard workers, our veggie growers, everyone helping make our supermarkets and grocery stores stay open, our engineers and technicians out there keeping our infrastructure going, our plumbers and sparkies and builders who are being called out to help in critical problems. These amazing people, and the There are so many people who we rely on to keep the ship sailing forward so we can be comfortable and protected in this extraordinary time.

My team and I look forward to receiving all your art work, selecting winners, and gifting photobooks of it to our essential workers.

Lawrence Yule